Gary has been sculpting professionally for over 30 years and has supported a successful fine art business and foundry during those years. He credits his success to his mother who instilled in Gary the ability to express himself through art. Gary, a member of the National Sculpture Society, has been commissioned to create the 300 foot Statue of Responsibility, Viktor Frankl's vision from his book "Mans Search for Meaning." The statue will be the bookend to the Statue of Liberty and will be built on the west coast of the United States. "My passion for art, and belief that art empowers and lifts the human spirit has only grown stronger throughout my life. I've been blessed with many generous and selfless mentors, and my dream is to pass on those gifts to others". – Gary Lee Price.
Gary Lee Price
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Statue of Responsibility
Original Artwork by Ana Cabrera Professional sculptor who designed and sculpted the Statue of Responsibility.
The Statue of Responsibility is dedicated to protecting our freedoms and promoting the principles of Responsibility. Mission Our mission is to spread the message that liberty requires responsibility in order to earn our Freedoms. The Statue of Responsibility monument will stand as a beacon and reminder to future generations of this natural principle.  Liberty + Responsibility = Our Freedom. The Statue of Responsibility is a movement seeking to create the world’s largest community to make the world a better place. It is both an on-line community and a foundation of people created to erect The Statue of Responsibility on the west coast of America which, in combination with the Statue of Liberty on the east coast, would serve as constant reminders that freedom requires both liberty and responsibility. It will also be a rallying point for a movement to protect and preserve our Freedom.
Statue of Responsibility