by Art Drentlau . Do you understand the true meaning of Freedom?  Is the word Freedom really more important than the word God or Love?  Discover the Truth with this simple Freedom Test. They say Truth is Stranger than fiction.  Truth must sometimes endure ridicule and violent opposition before it can be accepted as Self-evident. Like parachutes, our minds can’t work if they are not open.  The Freedom Test will reveal the True meaning of Freedom.  The Freedom Test reveals a process that occurs thousands of times every day.  A process that has, and will continue to form your life. Open your mind and let the Truth set you Free.  It’s your choice to be Free.
Art Drentlau
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The Freedom Test

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Art Drentlau, born 1949 Hackensack, NJ.  A veteran of the United States Navy serving as an SERE instructor 1968-1972.  
by Art Drentlau
“Color Wave” Original Artwork by Walter Russell.
The art work on the cover of my book, “The First Law of Freedom”, is by Walter Russell and entitled “The Octave Wave Poster”.  Walter said “In the Wave lies the secret of creation”.  We live in a Vibrational Universe and the Octave Wave is representative of that.
Coming Soon.  The First Law of Freedom; Responsibility. The self-published book, “The First Law Of Freedom”, is in the final stages with the editor and will soon be available.  If you would like to be notified when the book is released, please email
Original Artwork by Walter Russell.